Smart Steps Baby Sensory Activity Play Mat



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  • Interactive teething nubs embedded into the mat
  • Crinkle material embedded for sensory development
  • Arched toy bars promote grasping and reaching
  • Toys on toy bar are removable, allowing them to be taken on the go
  •  Strategically placed mirrors allow baby different focal points of interest
  • The Baby Sensory Play Mat is part of Step 3 of the Smart Steps program, which promotes core strength and grasping and reaching

Take your baby’s curiosity out of this world with Smart Steps by Baby Trend’s Sensory Activity Play Mat! Equipped with interacting teething nubs, arched toy bars to promote grasping and reaching and removable toys for versatile play. This product will encourage your baby’s sensory development with embedded crinkle material and strategically placed mirrors to spark interest and allow for differing focal points. The Sensory Activity Play Mat is perfect for babies three months and up to support core and fine motor development, all while keeping your baby playful and fascinated. Help support your little one’s learning processes with Smart Steps by Baby Trend products!


 Recommended Use

  • For children 3 months and up

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